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Wet Ass & Sex Swings Wet Ass & Sex Swin

(35:32) 2 years ago 7/10

I've been around these places for a while now. You haven't been fucked until you get fucked in a sling. The sounds of the chains and the thrust of his cock get my asshole begging for more. O...

Dumpster Diving Blowjobs Dumpster Diving Blowjo

(36:32) 2 years ago 8/10

I'm driving down this lonely alley and guess what I find? These two horny guy wedged between two dumpsters! WTF? One was giving a blowjob while the other didn't even give a fuck that I was t...

Slippery Happy Ending Slippery Happy Ending

(31:26) 2 years ago 10/10

Jackson Klein is has never gotten a massage before. In fact, he didn't even really know where to go. His friend recommended him to Jake. Jake is a pervert, but Jack doesn't know that. After ...

Big Guys Love Big Cocks Big Guys Love Big Cock

(37:51) 2 years ago 8/10

Body Buffer Michael Vaughn is one hot stallion of man. But can Michael handle a the Troy of cocks? He may be a big buff dude, but he is no match for the giant cock that lies before him. ...

Best Friend Frustrations Best Friend Frustratio

(39:20) 2 years ago 7/10

Blaine's roommate is always frustrated. Blaine always misplaces everything and never cleans up. Now these two friend will have to work out their issues...between the sheets. Hope things don'...

Booty Smack Mayhem Booty Smack Mayhem

(26:28) 2 years ago 7/10

You know how we get down. We scope out lonely guys walking around the city and shark their sweet asses! This guy didn't expect the nice big smack across his ass cheeks....

Bryce's Office Overt Bryce's Office Ov

(34:41) 2 years ago 9/10

Bryce has been on deadline lately working excessively. He is getting tired of the amount of work with no incentive to push harder. His boss gave him a special overtime fucking treat in his gaping ass....

Public Cock Suck Adventur Public Cock Suck Adven

(33:1) 2 years ago 8/10

These 2 dudes were out behind a bush in plain sight. One guy was on his knee's polishing the other dudes knob with a smile. An bystander walked by in shock......

Kyle's Massage Surpr Kyle's Massage Su

(40:16) 2 years ago 7/10

Kyle was an attractive friend of mine. I always had a crush on him but I wasn't sure liked me in that way. I gave him my special surprise massage. I ended up fucking his tight butt hole!...

Blaine's Early Holid Blaine's Early Ho

(25:1) 2 years ago 10/10

Blaine was upset he recently broke up with his boyfriend. He needed a HUGE cheer up session...I stuffed his tight anus with my cock...he loved every inch....

Brody Hard Ass Fuck Brody Hard Ass Fuck

(37:21) 2 years ago 7/10

I let my best friend Brody stay at place when came in from out of town. I didn't know he liked me in that way. I ended sticking my stiff rod inside him....

Alec's Tight Ass Str Alec's Tight Ass

(38:45) 2 years ago 7/10

Alec was stranded at the local park...he was having a really bad day. I gave him a good and hard cheering up session by stretching his asshole!...

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