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Gets Me Up In The Morning Gets Me Up In The Morn

(29:39) 3 months ago 7/10

Beau starts his day with a cup of coffee and decides what he wants to do with his day. Until he steps in on his man in bed and figures out exactly what he wants....

Massage Threeway Massage Threeway

(25:56) 3 months ago 8/10

When the master is showing his apprentice how to give a proper massage, things start to heat up for Alexander....

Intimate Architecture Intimate Architecture

(38:51) 4 months ago 9/10

Ian has his contractor come over to work on the floor plan for his latest design. After a few ideas and sketches, Ian feels he needs to collaborate with his college on a bit more of a personal level. ...

Dirty Laundry Dirty Laundry

(25:19) 4 months ago 10/10

Putting the clothes you're wearing is the perfect excuse to get naked in front of your man....

Seduced By My Flatmate Seduced By My Flatmate

(26:2) 4 months ago 8/10

Felix is eager to please his brown lover. He opens up every orafice so his friend can pound him to pleasure....

Slide It Home Slide It Home

(27:59) 4 months ago 8/10

Ethan is ready for a relaxing massage. However his man plans to get more out of this then a rub down....

Tyler And Angel's Be Tyler And Angel's

(33:33) 4 months ago 8/10

Angel comes home to find Tyler teasing him and his cock. He couldn't wait to whip out his dick and shove it balls deep into Tyler's ass....

Tuning Into Channel Dick Tuning Into Channel Di

(40:33) 4 months ago 8/10

When tv isnt fun, play with the remote. A stiff hard dick to jam in all those friendly holes. Best fucking afternoon ever. ...

After Work Massage After Work Massage

(42:34) 4 months ago 7/10

Asher knew that his friend would be tense after a long day of work. He invites him over for a relaxing massage, but decides to turn the heat up a bit to give him the ultimate release....

Just What The Doc Ordered Just What The Doc Orde

(28:8) 5 months ago 8/10

Asher shows up to his friends house, only to find him recovering from the night before. ...

Stuck In Bed Stuck In Bed

(36:3) 5 months ago 10/10

Asher has a few tricks up his sleeve. He's ready to put all the moves on his man....

Cookin' By The Book Cookin' By The Bo

(31:24) 5 months ago 10/10

Alex comes home to find his man cooking dinner in nothing, but his birthday suit. Too bad he wants skip dinner and dive right into dessert. ...

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