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Gay Inadvertantly Cums Ou Gay Inadvertantly Cums

(36:11) 3 years ago 9/10

I work with this guy, and I've always suspected that he was a little light in the loafers. So I decided to prove myself right. I managed to get ahold of this tape from a secret source. Turns o...

Where Are All the Big Dic Where Are All the Big

(37:14) 3 years ago 9/10

As I go through life, looking for that one dick to satisfy my needs, I sometimes doubt that I'll ever find it. But then I saw this tall glass of water and now I suddenly feel hopeful. The way h...

Bad Boy Gets Naughty At H Bad Boy Gets Naughty A

(31:17) 3 years ago 9/10

This guy was the toughest guy on the street, never taking shit from anyone, running the game, but when his homeboys found that he liked making cock videos for his fuck buddy down in Anahiem, things go...

Latin Sauce Spill Latin Sauce Spill

(32:5) 3 years ago 9/10

This hot piece of Latin fire was all about the ladies, he conquered them all, but lately he's been getting a little bored and experimenting with something a little more exotic. Oh well, I guess t...

Getting Dirty in the Tub Getting Dirty in the T

(28:42) 3 years ago 8/10

Poor Camden, who knew that his secret hobby included filming himself jacking off in the bathtub? They way he strokes that hard cock of his, you know he's enjoying the hell out of this. He wante...

Secret Weight Lifting Fag Secret Weight Lifting

(29:37) 3 years ago 8/10

This dude thought he would film himself lifting some weights to prove how manly he was, but he couldn't resist a quick jerk off session while thinking about all the dick he could be sucking right...

Will You Be My Master? Will You Be My Master?

(40:12) 3 years ago 10/10

Of all the creepy hot guys we've encountered through out our hacking experience, this one tops the fucking pie. This bitch boy love to pop the leash on and get on all fours while he wacks off his...

He Looks Like JT! He Looks Like JT!

(26:36) 3 years ago 10/10

OH this cute boy here looks just like JT. He's been making gay videos but keeps his lifestyle under raps! After hacking his computer we were able to see all his nasty videos of him jerking and an...

But I'm not But I'm not

(39:26) 4 years ago 9/10

We caught rob on a chat room talking all kinds of bukake about gays. We followed him around the internet from chat room to the next. We ended up in a gay chat room with him and found out he's in ...

Out and About Out and About

(30:0) 4 years ago 10/10

Ari was one of the hottest guys we've every hacked. lol. He's like a mix of Adrien Brody & Hugh Jackman. We saw him jerk himself off and finger his purple star fish. Personal I wish I wa...

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